JAC Shuailing T6 Pickup

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Technical Parameter
Model JAC Shuailing T6 Pickup
Engine Max Output Power(kw) 88
Wheelbase(mm) 3380
Tire 245/65/R17
Engine Max Torque(N.m) 250
Overall Dimensions(mm) Pickup Bed: 1520×1520×470mm
Engine Model 4DA1 engine and Yunnei D19 engine
Product Description

Shuailing T6 has a pickup bed with a dimension of 1520×1520×470mm (LWB: 1810×1520×470mm), offering higher load capacity. In general, Shuailing T6 realizes the targets in terms of quantity but also ensure growth in quality, improving transport efficiency greatly. T6 can easily fulfill such heavy duties as those in mining and fishing industries in Chile, sugar manufacturing in Cuba, woods in Chile and building materials in Venezuela.
From the perspective of vehicle power, T6 is equipped with 4DA1 engine and Yunnei D19 engine which are supported by most advanced technology.
The outstanding advantage that T6 presents in power and load capacity allows it to create significant value for customers. Its excellent fuel saving ability also help users to save a huge amount of cost in fu

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