FAW NEW J6P 6x4 390PS Tractor Truck(CA4250P66K24T1A1EX)

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Technical Parameter
Model CA4250P66K24T1A1EX
Engine Max Output Power(kw) 390PS
Transmission Model CA10TAX190M
Wheelbase(mm) 3450+1350MM 
Tire 12R22.5 class 18
Emission Level EURO-2
Driving Type 6X4
Overall Dimensions(mm) 7030*2495*3400(mm)
Gross Weight(kg) 75000kgs
Front Axle Axle 2055
Rear Axle The Axle Phi 457 cast Steel Bridge (automatic adjusting arm, differential lock between wheels, 1878 wheel base, 8-hole V bar)
Engine Model CA6DM2-39E3F
Product Description

Speed ratio of rear axle: 5.286

Economic speed: 66-86 km/h

Frame: 300×80×(8+8)

Traction Base: φ90

Cab configuration:
(1)New J6P African version full float flat top row semi-drive

(2) LCD instrument, manual glass lifting, manual rearview mirror

(3) , driver seat for air damping seat

(4) with 24V power connection

Other Configuration:
(1) automatic air conditioning

(2) steel fuel tank 400L

(3) iron bumper, integrated iron shell oil bath air filter

(4) aluminum radiator, suspension 12/12,

(5) cab rear two point spring suspension, manual hydraulic lifting device

(6) raise hydraulic support, rear suspension of 730mm (7) 150Ah battery, 4U bolt, dual fuel filter (8) simple fender, English nameplate and logo

New 457 axle
The new 457 single-stage reduction single rear axle has the features of strong bearing capacity (13tons), strong driving capacity.


Perfect engine specifically designed for heavy duty comme

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