Setting a New Record! JAC Creates a Number of Firsts in Peru

January 24,2022

PERU, Jan 24( in western South America and bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean, Peru is the world's fifth largest mineral country and the world's second largest copper-producing country with an average altitude of 4,300 meters, where the Andes Mountains run from north to south, and mountains make up one third of the territory.

JAC started its presence in Peru as early as 2006 and has been deeply rooted in this market for 16 years. Thanks to its convenient mobility solutions and high quality products and services, JAC has gained the trust and support from its customers.   

In 2021, the light-duty vehicles JAC exported to Peru hit a new record high, with its total export volume of light-duty vehicles to Peru for this year reaching 3,470 units and the market share increasing to 10%.

Light-duty truck sales was ranked the fourth among all the automotive brands and the first amongst all Chinese brands.

Pickup ranked the fifth among all the automotive brands and the first amongst all Chinese brands based on sales. 

JAC T8 has seen an explosive growth of nearly 15 times, the highest growth rate among all brands. 

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