Grand Start 2022: FOTON Nigeria 110 Units of AUMAN GTL Delivery

January 05,2022

NIGERIA, Jan 5, (chinatrucks)-- In the past 2021, FOTON Motor rose sharply against the trend and had been extremely successful in overseas market. At the very beginning of 2022, 110 units AUMAN GTL trucks were repurchased by a FOTON loyal user, the largest brewing company in Nigeria.

The customer, as the largest international brewing company in Nigeria, is primarily engaged in the brewing, marketing and sales of beer, stout, non-alcoholic malt beverages and soft drinks, whose products have been exported to West Africa and other regions. As a loyal customer of FOTON for many years, it had purchased 300 units of FOTON AUMAN heavy-duty trucks in 2019.

The AUMAN GTL trucks delivered this time are the first batch to be exported to Nigeria after a complete upgrading, used mainly for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) transportation. The products have undergone an upgrade from mechanical fuel injection pump to common rail injection, which is of great significance for the upgrading of African heavy-duty trucks. Empowered by highlights of high-loaded, fuel –saving but great power (Cummins ISG), they will help achieve fast, safe, and efficient transportation. Additionally, FOTON Motor provides industry TOP customers with customized services for engine, gearbox turnaround machines, training and more, to ensure services are deployed throughout the whole process.

Since FOTON Motor entered the Nigerian market, many major breakthroughs have been made in technology, products and services in different market segments such as engineering, transportation and FMCG: asphalt paving industry-leaders repurchased 20 FOTON AUMAN asphalt tankers for asphalt transportation in road construction projects; 40 TUNLAND pickup trucks were delivered to its customer in Nigeria.; a product launch event was held to showcase its VIEW C2, which can carry out passenger transport, freight transport and distribution services throughout urban areas.

The FMCG industry is characterized by a short product life cycle and a high consumption frequency. In response to the Nigerian government’s policy on the development of FMCG sector, FOTON Motor has performed an upgrade on the products. It is now gradually advancing its efforts in promoting and implementing overall layout of the whole commercial vehicle in Nigeria as per the expectations and requirements of each segment. As FOTON Motor has a large presence in the Nigerian market, it will enjoy growing popularity and attract more customers from all over the world to choose FOTON.

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