Chinese Electric Heavy-duty Trucks First Exported to Brazil

January 04,2022

BRAZIL, Jan. 4 ( – A ceremony was successfully held to deliver the first batch of CAMC electric trucks to Brazil. The vehicles delivered in this batch include swapping tractor, electric tractor, swapping dump truck chassis and electric dump truck chassis. This is the first time for CAMC to export new energy vehicles to overseas market and it is also the first time that China's electric heavy-duty trucks have been exported to Brazil.
Chinese Electric Heavy-duty Trucks First Exported to Brazil

CAMC was selected as the first batch of “National Vehicle Export Base” enterprise and has begun exporting since 2005. Now its products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia and South America. With this successfully delivery of electric trucks to Brazil, CAMC will make efforts in both traditional energy and new energy fields to promote China's high-end manufacturing heavy-duty trucks to the world.

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