FOTON Motor Delivers Over 30 SPVs to Boost Transportation Construction in Uganda

December 22,2021

UGANDA, December 22, 2021 / -- The first batch of over 30 FOTON special purpose vehicles will be shipped to Uganda in December and delivered to the customer as scheduled. These vehicles are intended for use in the China Railway 18th Bureau’s Alwi- Nebbi project (hereafter referred to as NEBBI project) in Uganda after delivery.
FOTON Motor Delivers Over 30 SPVs to Boost Transportation Construction in Uganda

Under China's One Belt One Road initiative, FOTON Overseas has actively participated in the international market and focused on identifying and satisfying the needs of strategic customers such as contracting & construction enterprises. This delivery is the first batch order received from NEBBI project after ongoing efforts.

NEBBI project includes reconstruction of the road from Alwi to Nebbi and upgrading works on the roads in Pakwach and Nebbi towns in Uganda. The roads have a total length of 37.3 kilometers for a construction period of 24 months.

After receiving the order, FOTON Motor has made every effort to ensure that all products will be delivered on schedule by optimizing and adjusting the production process and procedures and strictly performing the inspection and testing system and much more.

FOTON Motor has always been delivering the trust in Uganda. To provide further support for road construction in Uganda and help upgrade local transportation infrastructure, FOTON Motor will continue to make market-oriented innovations and devote itself to providing customers with more reliable products and services.

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