FOTON Motor Marks 15 Years in the Philippines

December 10,2021

The PHILIPPINES, December 10, 2021 / -- On December 8, FOTON Motor launched two new products, AUMARK S 9T and AUMARK E 6T light truck, on the 15th anniversary of UAAGI, FOTON PHILIPPINES distributor. These products have been developed to meet the constant upgrading demand for load capacity, safety and efficiency in light truck logistics transport.

FOTON is the first Chinese automobile brand to be among the top 10 in the Philippine automotive market rankings. Over the past 15 years, Foton Motor has been enchancing its core competitiveness through technology upgarding and market expansion in the commercial vehicle sector. Today, it has gained the market dominance in 6-wheel truck market in the Philippines and enjoyed geat popularity among local and internationally renowned logistics companies.

FOTON Motor has been trusted by a number of noted logistics companies led by J&T Express, GoGo Express, Asian Ventures General Services and Arrowgo Logistics and more, and committed to branding as a remarkable expert on the logistics transportation.

FOTON AUMARK S 9T was developed based on the cutting-edge innovative technologies led by Europe. Measuring 20 feet long, AUMARK S 9T has a 6.1 ton payload capacity. It is powered by a Cummins 3.8-liter diesel engine, matched with a ZF 6-speed manual transmission. It boasts a 3.8L displacement with a maximum power output of 168hp and torque of 600N•m. A range of body options including dropside, jeepney, crane truck and freight transport have been launched for engineering dumping, passenger transport and logistics transportation purposes.

FOTON AUMARK E 6T measures 12 feet in length and powered by a 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine that produces a maximum power of 110 hp and a maximum torque of 280 N•m. With a reinforced high-strength chassis, AUMARK E 6T can carry as heavy as 2.1 tons of cargo. Amenable for a wide array of usages, It is available in three customizable bodies: Jeepney, Dropside and MPV.

In order to meet the diverse needs of customers in the Philippines, FOTON Motor will continue to target market demands and enhance its core competitiveness in product technology and service. As of now, Foton Motor has conquered market reach in cold chain transportation, logistics and freight transportation, medical rescue, fire fighting and passenger transportation segments in the Philippines. With the launch of these new products, FOTON Motor will further boost the industrial upgrading of jeepney as well as logistics and transportation sectors in terms of environmental protection and efficiency.

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