24 Dongfeng Tractors Were Delivered to Vietnamese Customer for Express Service

November 30,2021

VIETNAM, November 30 /chinatrucks.com/ -- More and more triumphant news from overseas market came pouring in as Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle) continues to explore the overseas market. In Vietnam market, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle made a delivery of 24 tractor heads to a benchmark customer for express delivery service.
​24 Dongfeng Tractors Were Delivered to Customers in Vietnam for Express Servi

Express delivery customers have began developing Vietnam market and adding more vehicles to their fleet as Vietnam saw a surge in e-commerce due to the pandemic. Therefore, it offers an opportunity for Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle to expand the Vietnam market. ​24 Dongfeng Tractors Were Delivered to Customers in Vietnam for Express Servi

The 24 tractor heads is an additional order the customer placed following the first one last year. Overall, the customer are satisfied with its first Dongfeng trucks, which delivered the best economic results combined with a high reliability, as well as quick response and intimate service, that’s why the customer decided to choose Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle as their partner again.

Facing with the diverse demand from the market, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle provides its customers with whole-process customized services and ensures the production and delivery can be accomplished on shcedule every time. It is these continuous efforts that build a foundation for customers' trust and loyality.  

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