XCMG Mining Dump Truck Exported to South America in Batches

November 24,2021

SOUTH AMERICA, November 24 /chinatrucks.com/ -- Recently, China's largest intelligent manufacturing base of mining equipment, including 400 ton hydraulic shovel, 260 ton mining dump truck and other large complete sets of mining equipment of XCMG were exported to South America in batches.

Large opencast mining machinery is a manufacturing highland. Open pit mine construction has large dust, heavy load and high strength, and the equipment operates almost all-weather. The extreme construction environment puts forward more stringent requirements for product technology and quality, testing the strength of every construction machinery enterprise.

After ten years, XCMG has gained a lot in this field. The successful launch of XCMG's "China's first excavation" 700 ton hydraulic excavator has helped China become the fourth country in the world to produce and manufacture hydraulic excavators of more than 700 tons.

XCMG always believes that the real strong won not simply by scale, but by technology, quality and large tonnage products. This is not only the connotation of XCMG's adherence to the summit of Everest for many years, but also XCMG's inexhaustible belief in pursuing excellence.

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