Beiben Exports AMT-equipped Dump Trucks to Zambia

September 13,2021

ZAMBIA, September 13, 2021 / -- Recently, 20 Beiben trucks equipped with FAST AMT rolled off from the assembly line and will be exported to Zambia. Apart from fitting with FAST AMT (Beyond Drive Transmission), these trucks are also equipped with FAST FHB400 hydrolic retarder and QHG50 PTO to further comply with customer’s specific requirements.

FAST AMT (Beyond Drive Transmission), China's first entirely self-developed integrated AMT, comes with features like intelligence, high energy efficiency and high level of comfort. Since the AMT has been designed in the layout of integrated circuit, the mechanical and electrical system is highly integrated to ensure a sufficient reliability in operation and and to help reduce the shift time. The new generation of TCU was introduced to meet the future needs of product development over the next 10 t0 15 years. The software developed by itsself provides a number of functions such as Fuel Economy of Coast Down, Off-highway Mode, Crawl Control, Free Driving Mode and Anti-Roll Back.In contrast with its alternatives with manual transmission, the vehicle shows a lower fuel consumption and significantly less maintenance costs.

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