SANY Opens a New Branch in Scotland

August 11,2021

Scotland, August iith, 2021 -- The opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Scotland branch of SANY UK Ltd was recently held and broadcasted live on Facebook. This event attracted attention from major local news agencies in the construction machinery industry, such as Earthmovers and Project Plan.
SANY Opens a New Branch in Scotland

The branch is located in the western suburbs of Glasgow, occupying an area of 2,000 square meters. It consists of four sections, including the office area, a prototype storage area, a spare parts warehouse and overhaul workshop. The branch also functions as a product display center, a direct sales center, a service center and a training center, as well as the headquarters and spare parts supply center supporting SANY’s dealers in the UK and peripheral regions.

SANY Opens a New Branch in Scotland

SANY UK’s excavator sales volume in the first half of 2021 experienced a surge of an incredible forty-five times higher than the previous year, with the figure of June alone exceeding 2020’s total.

SANY UK is committed to offering the most competitive products and the best customer experience, aiming to become a leading brand in the local market within three to five years.

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