ZOOMLION Looks to Expand the EU Market with Its New Factory Inaugurated

July 06,2021

Zoomlion recently inaugurated the self-invested and constructed plant in Màntova, a major city in northern Italy. The commissioning of the new plant will further improve Zoomlion’s local production capability of tower cranes, truck cranes, AWPs and forklifts in Europe, and allow Zoomlion to provide a full range of services to local customers, further completing the globalization of Zoomlion.

Built on 20,000 sqm of land, the plant has a floor area of 10,000 sqm. The factory layout is designed for lean manufacturing, and meets the strictest HSE regulations in Europe. “We have an auto gas emission monitoring system to protect the environment and installed solar panels on the roof to provide power for production and LED lighting for the entire factory.” said the person in charge.

The new plant is another major investment made by Zoomlion to further develop the Italian market. Once the products are produced locally, Zoomlion will gain a more competitive edge in the European market.

Davide Cipolla, General Manager of CIFA, Zoomlion Italy, said: “The new plant serves as the comprehensive production base for our European products. We will continue to make improvements in R&D, production, sales, and the supply chain. With Zoomlion’s technology, we aim to completely localize our design, production and procurement, and make high-quality Zoomlion products for the EU market.”

Localization is a major strategy in Zoomlion’s international development and has yielded positive results. 70% of Zoomlion’s products in the 2019 BMW exhibition were made by local companies. Also, CIFA was upgraded from only producing concrete machinery products to also designing and manufacturing all-terrain cranes, such as the ACT960 and ACT1000. It has obtained patents that meet EU requirements, which laid a solid foundation for ATC to be sold in the EU market. As the new plant is put in operation, even more products will be manufactured locally.

Manufacturing products locally means the performance, technological innovation and appearance of the product can better meet the demands by locals, which brings a competitive edge. Also, it’s a good way to improve an enterprise’s ability to run globally, according to industry experts.

“Though we were heavily struck by the pandemic in 2020, Zoomlion and CIFA’s sales in Europe increased, and the new plant was also inaugurated. As the economy recovers and the new plant begins to be put into use, Zoomlion will definitely gain a lead in the industry with its reliable R&D ability and trust-worthy product performance, as well as efficient customer service,” said Davide Cipolla.

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