FULONGMA Airtight Pressure-fill High-efficiency Kitchen Waste Truck Is Coming

July 02,2021

CHINA, July 2nd, 2021--Existing wet garbage collection and vehicles generally have problems such as insufficient sealing, small loading capacity, and low feeding efficiency. For this reason, Longma Sanitation has newly developed “Fulongma” brand airtight pressure-filled high-efficiency food waste trucks, aiming to break through the above dilemmas. This model is suitable for the collection and transportation of kitchen waste and domestic garbage. It is an ideal garbage collection and vehicle for urban sanitation departments, communities, and other places.

The trash bin, the feeding port cover, the trash bin, and the back door connection are all designed with a fully sealed structure to avoid leakage of sewage during the collection and transportation process, and isolate the escape of peculiar smell; an anti-drip device for sewage is also equipped to accept the sewage that leaks when the back door is not sealed. Eliminate secondary pollution.

The loading efficiency of the whole vehicle is high. The rear double-barrel high-position feeding mechanism and the built-in pendulum-type pressure-filling mechanism can operate at the same time, that is, the loading and pressure-filling can be performed at the same time.

The rear double-barrel high-position feeding mechanism is adopted to ensure that the trash can is raised to the feeding port in a vertical state and then the barrel is turned over. It is more suitable for collecting and transporting wet garbage with large water content and avoiding sewage dripping and falling from the trash can.

The collection box specially designed for storing wet garbage has a sewage storage capacity of more than 5m³, far surpassing the traditional non-leakage garbage truck.

The truck is easy to maintain and easy to unload. Equipped with a sewage tank flushing device, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance of the sewage tank; equipped with an on-board hydraulic drive cleaning device, which can clean the vehicle and the work site; the pressure filling mechanism has a simple structure and is convenient for maintenance, disassembly, and assembly. Discharge through the push plate in the box body, the space required for discharge is small, and the discharge height is low.

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