Money Master, Foton Auman Trucks Make Mexico City Better

June 25,2021

As Mexico’s second largest brand in mixer truck top-loading/assembly business, BRAHER has an anticipated annual capacity to assemble up to 300 mixers and holds over 40% market share. In the early stage, it had cooperated with many top producers in America. After a long period of market research, BRAHER regarded Foton Motor as a good partner to make Mexico city better after considering all these factors including power, comfort and cost.

Recently, Foton Motor has delivered the first four Auman EST trucks to its customer in Mexico. And another potential purchase order for 20 Foton Auman trucks is now under discussion.

In order to meet its customer’s demands for small mixers with strong power, Foton Motor has rolled out the new mixers with 4m3 loading capacity specifically for tunnel use, which will help them cut the costs.

With a fast growing popularity in Mexico, Foton Motor is set to play a more important role in the country’s infrastructure construction.

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