Light Trucks with FAST 4E50 Electric Drivelines to Arrive in Colombia

June 09,2021

Recently, a batch of light trucks equipped with FAST 4E50 electric drivelines were exported to Colombia. After their arrival, they will be immediately put into service. According to sources, over 300 units light trucks equipped with FAST 4E50 electric drivelines will arrive in Columbia for operation.

Equipped with advanced technologies, FAST 4E50 electric driveline can power 6-meter to 9-meter buses and light trucks and sanitation vehicles weighing less than ten tons. Delivering powerful performances, it works smoothly and achieves high reliability.

Adopting special sliding sleeve, the driveline has removed the synchronous structure and thus has significantly improved its overall reliability.

Thanks to its air shift system, the driveline has cut the gear shifting time in less than 0.6 second. In addition, it has gone through an endurance test of 30 million times, fully showcasing its high reliability.

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