SANY Introduces World's First Licensable Electric Truck Crane

June 07,2021

Pioneering the future, SANY has been at the forefront of the era of new energy. Early in 2013, the electric truck crane STC75EV, a conceptual prototype, came into the public eye. At bauma 2020, an upgraded model, the purely electric 25 t truck crane STC250HBEV, was introduced, being seen by many visitors. But it is only recently that SANY’s latest version of this model became licensed for the road, marking another “world first”.

Compared to the traditional 25 t truck crane, the STC250HBEV adopts a purely electric chassis, enabling it to outperform the former with new features including substantial noise reduction, multiple work modes, and AI smart battery management.

The battery, being the definer of this next-generation truck crane, is the key to this technological upgrade. The high-energy, high-density lithium iron phosphate battery is safe and can be charged at both public charging stations and industrial charging stations, supporting both double-gun quick charging and the ability to charge while working. The crane truck’s mileage with this battery can reach 105 miles (170 kilometers) while operation time can exceed 20 hours.

Previous data analyses based on 30,000 truck crane units indicate that the average daily travel distance is about 25 to 31 miles (40 to 50 km), far from the 105-mile limitation. In addition, the relatively lower cost of charging the battery than traditional fueling makes the model more economical and therefore more competitive.

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