Foton Maintains Fast Growths in Mexico

May 20,2021

On May 13, the Golf-Club, which was organized by CANACAR in Mexico, was held in Guadalajara. As an important platform for the logistic enterprises and auto dealers, the Golf-Club attracted over 100 participants. Foton, as the only commercial brand from China attending the event, brought its Auman EST-A, Aumark, and Tunland, etc. on display.

To promote the commercial operation of new energy vehicles in Mexico, Foton electric light truck Aumark is equipped with batteries (81 kWh) made by CATL. Compared with fossil fueled vehicles, it is able to cut operation costs by 45% and drive continuously for 300 km. With a cargo space of 19 cubic meters, the truck adopts light-weight body structure with higher resilience. With higher intelligence level, it has ample space for three passengers.

Since its entry into the Mexican market, Foton has maintained positive growths for three consecutive years in all market sectors.

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