Large Orders Keep Coming in, JAC Helps Revitalize Vietnam Logistics Industry

March 01,2021

With the development of overseas e-commerce and the change of people's consumption habits, Vietnam's express delivery industry has entered the fast track of development. JAC seized the opportunity to take the initiative to deliver another five units cargo version Sunray Van to the Vietnam branch of J&T Express on February 1, 2021, the second batch delivery, marking a new breakthrough for JAC Sunray in Vietnam urban logistics industry.

5 units cargo version Sunray Van delivered to J&T Vietnam

As one of the express giants in Southeast Asian, J&T Express has officially entered the Vietnam market in 2017 and has reached to the first in the local express industry in 2020. With 14 independent operations throughout Vietnam, J&T has 32 large transfer centers, more than 700 outlets, more than 10,000 employees and more than 600 self-owned vehicles. According to Vietnam licensing data, 138 units of JAC-branded vehicles were purchased by J&T in 2020, accounting for 40% of its total annual purchases, and the total number of JAC-branded vehicles has reached 155 units.

JAC carries out strategic cooperation with a number of express companies in Vietnam

The strategic cooperation between JAC and J&T Express in Vietnam market has accelerated the cooperation of JAC with the Vietnam express industry. In 2020, JAC has signed batch order cooperation agreement with four express giants, namely as J&T, ZTO, Yunda and Best, and has delivered more than 160 units of vehicles such as light truck and Sunray van, and has fully entered the Vietnam express industry.

Delivery ceremony for ZTO Express

In the second half of 2020, the Vietnamese government introduced a new policy of entering city, stipulating that van with load less than 950KG will have 24-hour free access into cities. The introduction of this policy marks that advantages of Van in the city logistics segmentation market will be more obvious. Besides meeting meeting the requirement of mainline logistics by light truck and heavy truck, JAC seized the market opportunities and started to focus on the city express delivery needs, and successfully made the breakthrough of 5 units Sunray van delivery to J&T Express in September.

Delivery ceremony of light trucks to J&T

Vietnam automobile market is highly competitive, and as the first Chinese automobile brand to enter this Southeast Asian market, JAC brand has been deeply rooted in the market for more than 10 years. Current product portfolio includes passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and Sunray vans. The cooperation between JAC and many express industry head companies has further enhanced JAC's position in Vietnam market, and has also become an important support for the sales volume and scale of the market. Looking to the future, JAC will continue to stay true to our original aspiration and devote ourselves to the course of creating a better car life for users in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and around the world. Better Drive,Better Life!

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