Foton to Deliver Logistic Vehicles to Philippines for Operation

February 26,2021

Recently, Foton secured a deal of logistic vehicles EST-M from J&T, one of the leading players in Philippines’ logistic market. With a loading capacity of 25 tons, Foton EST-M is equipped with Cummins engine with maximum 270 horsepower when operating at a rotation speed of 2,500 rpm. When operating at a rotation speed of 1,400 rpm, the vehicle is able to achieve a maximum torque of 970 N.m.

With two up-and-down side doors and one mechanical rear door, Foton EST-M can easily load and unload goods. In addition, it achieves high reliability and delivers consistently impressive performances.

According to J&T, its purchase from Foton will further expand its scale of business and give itself a competitive edge in the local market.

Since establishing cooperative ties with Foton in 2019, J&T has bought over 450 units vehicles from Foton, including light trucks, vans, etc.

“Foton is highly reliable in its products and services”, said Arron Wang, Director of Purchases from J&T.

“Sharing a vision of sustainable development, we will continue to work close with Foton”, added Zoe Chi, vice president of J&T.


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