Foton to Build 100 Parts Direct Distribution Centers in Ten Countries

January 28,2021

Recently, Foton opened five direct distribution centers in Vietnam and Bolivia. As a part of the company’s campaign to build 100 direct distribution centers in ten countries, its new direct distribution centers will better serve Foton’s overseas customers and meet their diversified needs.

Foton in Vietnam

As the leading commercial vehicle brand in Vietnam, Foton has already established strategic cooperation with over 80 spare parts distributors across Vietnam, providing higher quality spare parts and more timely after-sales services to its customers. By setting up two direct distribution centers in Ho Chi Minh city and Thai Binh, Foton is set to greatly enhancing its presence in Vietnam.

Foton in Bolivia

In Bolivia, Foton has already established business cooperation with ImportChinrepestoss R.L. and launched three direct distribution centers in San Cruz and Cochabamba. The operation of these centers will help local businesses address their pressing concerns.

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