61 Foton Vehicles Were Delivered to Philippines Customers in Valenzuela City

January 27,2021

IN AID of public service programs in Valenzuela City, Mayor Rex Gatchalian, with help from the office of Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, chose Foton commercial vehicles to empower “mobility for city-wide projects and programs designed to build stronger and faster response capabilities for the city’s barangays.”

A total of 61 vehicles — 42 units of the Foton Tornado 4.4C Mini Dump Truck for multi-purpose operations and 19 units of the Foton Gratour Midi Truck for animal control programs — were turned over at the Valenzuela City Hall grounds.

“These units are specialty vehicle trucks, utility trucks for the delivery of relief goods, and (trucks for) animal control units. Our strategy is to give them to the local towns so they can render faster service to the people,” said Senator Gatchalian in a release.

“I believe we are again the first city in the country to have animal control units,” added Mayor Gatchalian.

The customized Foton Gratour MT Animal Control Truck is powered by an efficient 1.5-liter gasoline engine capable of producing 110hp at 6,000rpm and 142Nm at 4,500rpm. It is mated with a five-speed manual transmission and complies with Euro V standards. Its compact build means it can negotiate even the smaller streets of different barangays, which makes it a perfect unit for catching stray dogs that threaten the safety of citizens.

Senator Gatchalian said that the idea to acquire dump trucks came to him during the pandemic, as he wanted to distribute 200,000 food packs in one week. He and the Valenzuela mayor decided that this type of vehicle is suited to the task, and can still be used for other needs.

The Foton Tornado 4.4C Mini Dump Truck is powered by the “world-famous” ISF 3.8 Cummins Diesel Engine, with a maximum output of 154hp at 2,600rpm and torque of 500Nm at 1,200 to 1,900 rpm. It has a payload capacity of 4,590kg and can fit a large volume of relief goods in its 4CMB dump box.

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