ZOOMLION's Mixer Trucks Are Delivered to Philippines Clients in Batches

January 07,2021

Recently, a batch of Zoomlion mixer trucks arrived at Shanghai port, where they will start their "travel" again to the Philippines by sea and then be delivered to customers through local agents. The batch delivery of Zoomlion mixer trucks to the Philippines once again demonstrates the popularity and strong market competitiveness of Zoomlion 4.0 products in Southeast Asia.

Xu Jian, the head of Asia Special Zone of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Overseas Marketing Company, said: "Under the influence of the pandemic, we give full play to the role of local channels and carry out our overseas business normally through agents. The smooth delivery of the products further highlights the importance of the company's' localization' strategy for overseas development, and also marks the stable operation of Zoomlion's overseas business."

According to reports, this order has a total of 30 mixer trucks, which are new products customized and developed by Zoomlion for the Philippine market. Xu Jian introduced: "After the Philippines selected Euro IV emission standards in 2018, we developed the customized mixer truck after sufficient market research and targeting the local working conditions. The HOWO A7 380-horsepower European IV chassis ZOOMLION 10JBH mixer trucks delivered this time will better meet the customer's needs and further enhance the competitiveness of the company's products in the local market. "

It is said that, after several years of development, Zoomlion's full range of engineering cranes, concrete machinery, earthwork machinery, tower cranes and other products have entered the Philippine market. Zoomlion's various engineering machinery and equipment are found in many local projects such as Hongsheng Real Estate Project, Pasay Real Estate Project, Angela Apartments Project and City Clou Project.

At present, infrastructure construction in the Philippines is in a high-speed development stage, and a large number of urban construction projects, mineral projects and agricultural mechanization projects will emerge in the next 3-5 years, which also provides development opportunities for Zoomlion and other equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Xu Jian said: "These mixer trucks are delivered during the challenge of the pandemic, which shows that local agents and customers have full confidence in Zoomlion products, and also represents the Philippine market's recognition of Zoomlion brand. In the future, we will continue to implement the "localization" development strategy in the process of globalization, deeply integrate into the Philippines, and work with local agents to provide high-quality products and services to local customers, thus contributing to the development of the Philippines and Southeast Asian countries and achieving win-win results for all parties."

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