FULONGMA Dust Suppression Truck and Road Sweeper Set Off to Peru

August 20,2020

Recently, in the production workshop of FULONGMA, a multi-functional dust suppression truck, and a road sweeper were officially off the assembly line. They will cross the ocean and set off to Peru, an ancient Inca country in South America. This marks the implementation of the company’s digital marketing strategy for overseas markets.

At the beginning of last year, the International Business Department began to deploy digital marketing. After a year of hard work by the team, significant results have been achieved in overseas digital marketing, which has greatly improved the global reputation of the FULONGMA brand. At the same time, FULONGMA, as one of the few Chinese sanitation equipment manufacturers that conduct in-depth digital marketing overseas, has made special contributions to making Chinese manufacturing go global.

After comprehensively comparing the products of the Turkish company, other Chinese sanitation companies, and European manufacturers, the Peruvian customer finally chose FULONGMA, which fully verified the rationality of FULONGMA’s mid-to-high-end brand positioning strategy in the overseas market. No price wars, no vicious competition. Being closer to users, focusing on product quality and after-sales service can truly win the reputation of customers, and also contribute to the establishment of a good image and reputation of Chinese manufacturing overseas.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has greatly impacted the global market, and many companies that cannot adapt to the sudden change have fallen into crisis. How to maintain the direction of “going out” under the circumstance of hindered traditional marketing methods has become a difficult problem for all companies to think about. However, difficulties will not stop the people of FULONGMA. Keeping upright, striving for pioneering and innovating, FULONGMA will seize the industry’s first opportunity, keep up with the pulse of the times, and find new growth points and breakthrough points for the development of the enterprise!

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