8 Units 6×2R Foton Logistics Trucks Arrive in Vietnam for Operation

May 26,2020

Earlier in May, the first batch of eight units 6×2R Foton Auman EST-M logistic trucks were handed over to BEST Express Vietnam for operation. According to the carrier, all the eight trucks will be immediately put into the operation on the artery logistic routes in Vietnam.

According to Foton, Auman EST-M logistic truck is particularly made for the logistic services and frozen food transportation. With lighter body weight, higher work efficiency, and lower TCO, the vehicle can be mounted with cargo containers measuring 6.8 meters, 7.8 meters or 9.8 meters in length.

Equipped with Cummins F series 3.8L-4.5L engine, Auman EST-M logistic truck is able to generate power ranging from 185 horsepower to 210 horsepower.

BEST Express officially established its business operations in Vietnam in June, 2019. To assist its expansion in the country, Foton has provided constructive suggestions and concrete transportation solutions to the logistic service provider. After the operation of the eight units trucks, Foton will continue to work closely with BEST Express Vietnam to ensure their smooth operation.

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