45 Units of Mist Cannon Trucks with Dongfeng Chassis Exported to UAE

April 29,2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally, the environmental sterilization has gradually attracted worldwide attention. In response to the request of UAE,45 units of mist cannon trucks with Donfeng chassis have successfully arrived at the port for shippment. This batch of mist cannon trucks took only 8 days from the confirmation of the order to the delivery, which fully reflected the speed and efficiency of China made.

According to the company, the mist cannon truck is equipped with TDM-M10 stainless steel mist cannon. The spray range of the mist particles can reach 100 meters. Besides that, it also comes with an intelligent electronic control system and central nozzle. With respect to power, the mist annon truck is powered by Cummins engine with rated power of 180hp that can comply with nationalⅤemission standrd. 

On the whole, the mist cannon truck is multi-functional, applicable in a wide operation range, being long in operation time and high in durability. One of the biggest highlights of Dongfeng KR mist cannon trucks is its water tank. Having gone through stringent tests, the tank is highly corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant and thus achieves higher durability.

Another selling point of the vehicle is its higher safety standards with optimized circuits which effectively prevent short circuit and power leakage.

Last but not the least, its fog-pumping machine has a more compact structure and a longer projectile range and produces finer water mists to suppress dusts in urban areas. In addition, it can be operated manually or remotely.

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