XCMG Purchased 4M Masks and 700,000 Sets of Surgical Gowns for Vale of Brazil

April 17,2020

In response to the request of Vale of Brazil, a global partner and the world's largest producer and exporter of iron ore, XCMG, leader of China's construction machinery, assisted in purchasing the first batch of medical supplies, including 4 million masks and 700,000 sets of surgical gowns. On April 4, the first batch of 30 tons of aids was sent to Brazil from Xuzhou, China.

In the morning, the epidemic prevention materials posted in English and Chinese with the slogan "A Bosom Friend Afar Brings a Distant Land Near" were lined up at the scene for shipment. Wang Min, chairman of XCMG, introduced that since the outbreak of the disease at the beginning of this year, during the most difficult periods in China, the overseas partners have extended assistance to XCMG, purchased and donated more than 5 million yuan of epidemic prevention materials, and made outstanding contributions to the fight against the epidemic in China and to the full recovery of XCMG.

After the COVID-19 outbreak in Brazil, Vale of Brazil decided to purchase medical supplies from China to provide maximum support for all sectors of Brazilian society and arrange special flights to China to for transport. After XCMG received the order on March 23, Chairman Wang Min immediately instructed XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd to cooperate fully to ensure the quality of the supplies and deliver the goods on schedule.

XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd immediately established a working team headed by Liu Jiansen, Vice President of XCMG Machinery and General Manager of XCMG Import and Export Co., Ltd. Under the leadership of Jiang Nan, Party Secretary of the company, the team went to several medical suppliers in many cities and provinces across the country. The company's purchasing, commercial, logistics, and legal department spare no effort to select domestic well-known enterprises to cooperate. In order to solve the problems of raw materials and progress, they often worked with suppliers overnight, and set up special production lines in the cooperative factory, assigned special personnel to the factory to supervise, and assigned legal specialist to escort the whole process of purchasing and shipping, so as to ensure the quality, quantity and timely delivery of materials.

Cross-industry does not mean unprofessional! In only a few days, the team quickly mastered the classification of medical supplies and the identification of manufacturer's qualification. They check the samples, compared the quality, and assigned personnel to inspect orders and goods. Everyone worked around the clock, because there was only one faith in their heart: living up to the customer's trust in XCMG!

With the change of the overseas epidemic situation, the domestic epidemic prevention materials also fluctuated greatly: the shortage of raw materials, the frequent change of delivery time... Especially the adjustment of export policy on April 1, everyone faced with more uncertainties. Fortunately, XCMG's qualification and the strength of its partners have withstood the test. Xiao Yang of the team cried a lot for the delivery time and customs clearance, but his fine work was highly recognized by the supplier, and the adjustment in the process also made Vale of Brazil fully understand and support. The senior management of Vale of Brazil can see the daily progress report and production trends every day, so as to achieve real-time control.

Three shifts, immediate response... in the shortest time, XCMG people who are passionate and righteous collected the best quality medical materials with the speed of relay to assist the global cooperation partner. This was the "spectacular" scene that a large number of medical and epidemic prevention materials were orderly placed and shipped on that day.

Knowing that XCMG has purchased so much high-quality medical supplies in only a few days, the person in charge of Vale in Brazil was deeply moved, and said: "A friend in need is a friend indeed. XCMG people gave us great help during the crisis, which strengthened our confidence in future cooperation!"

It is understood that XCMG has been entrusted by overseas partners of many countries and is actively collecting medical supplies, and providing support to the world. In addition, on April 4, XCMG also donated more than 100,000 masks and other supplies to more than 10 countries, including the Philippines, the UAE and Nigeria. So far, XCMG has provided medical supplies to more than 40 countries.

XCMG never fights unprepared battles! As early as 2018, XCMG import & export Co., Ltd. actively participated in the national foreign aid projects. With the strong support from the government, XCMG obtained the only qualification for import and export of medical materials in the industry, and won the bid for the global medical procurement project for many times. In the face of this pandemic, Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG, immediately instructed that XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd must make good use of the import and export platform to assist XCMG's overseas friends in purchasing high-quality medical supplies, and support "Resistance War" against the pandemic in various countries.

In a battle Without gunpowder, XCMG's international squad are in action!

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