3 Units Foton Negative Pressure Ambulances Arrived in Philippines for Operation

April 10,2020

On April 9, three units Foton Toano negative pressure ambulance vehicles arrived in Manila and were soon handed over to Philippines Red Cross (PRC). According to PRC, the three ambulances, as the first ever batch of negative pressure ambulances in the country, will be directly put into service to help the nation combat COVID-19.

Measuring almost 6-meters in length and 1.7-meters in height, Toano negative pressure ambulance boasts super spacious room. Thanks to the vehicle’s effective vibration-reduction measures, patients on board can receive medical attention and treatment while the vehicle is in operation.

3 Units Foton Negative Pressure Ambulances Arrived in Philippines for Operation

Negative pressure ambulance, also called a mobile N95 facial mask, can effectively protect medical workers from being infected with any viruses from patients. With more effective virus isolation, better ventilation, higher corrosion resistance and higher sanitizing standards, the vehicle has various life-saving medical equipment on board, such as ventilators, defibrillators, ECG monitors, ultraviolet disinfection lamps, centralized oxygen outlets, etc.

Having maintained close ties with PRC for ten years, Foton has so far donated 10-plus units ambulances to the organization. Another batch of three units Foton negative pressure ambulances is scheduled to arrive in Philippines on April 22.

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