XCMG Exports Tens of Special Epidemic Prevention Equipment to Middle East

April 02,2020

On March 30, a ceremony was held in XCMG to mark the delivery of tens of multi-purpose anti-dust trucks to its Middle East customer. According to XCMG, these trucks will be transported by air to Middle East for epidemic prevention.

This is so far the first overseas order placed online for XCMG multi-purpose anti-dust trucks, which are essential for XCMG to increase their presence in overseas markets,.

As the coronavirus sweeps the world, most countries withness a growing demand for anti-dust trucks. To address the shortage in Middle East, these XCMG anti-dust trucks will be running on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus to keep the main venues clean and tidy.

XCMG anti-dust truck, also known as “mist cannon truck” are suitable for road dust suppression and cleaning. After being filled with disinfectant in proportion, it can be used as a epidemic prevention equipment during coronavirus outbreak.

During the operation, the disinfectant can be sprayed out of the air pipe under high pressure and will volatilize into air, which are not harmful to the environment. In this way, the area can be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant by the tiny droplets sprayed out at a lage sacle.

With the help of XCMG anti-dust trucks, we believe that the Middle East will soon be able to go through the difficult time and win the battle against the virus.

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