Stick Together Fight Hard, Dongfeng Says

March 23,2020

Everyone has been concerned about the sudden epidemic and the fight against the epidemic has become a battle for all. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) has, alongside its subsidiaries, donated over 82 million yuan in cash and supplies, and swiftly brought them together to join the fight against the epidemic.
Dongfeng Stick Together Fight Hard

DFM and its overseas business units have paid close attention to epidemic development, strictly implemented national decisions and arrangements, explored ways to cope with challenges and difficulties caused by the epidemic with its domestic and foreign partners, and made remarkable contributions to winning the anti-epidemic battle as soon as possible.

Stay strong, DFM! Stay strong, Wuhan! Stay strong, China!

"Wish you safe and all the best!", "Wish all colleagues healthy and safe, hopefully the epidemic will be over soon!" "We believe the epidemic will be controlled and defeated soon!"…

In the last few days, the International Business Division and overseas business units of DFM have resumed work and production while preventing and controlling the epidemic. Meanwhile, it has kept receiving wishes and anti-epidemic supplies from overseas distributors and partners around the world.

Based on DFM's work arrangements, the International Business Division and overseas business units of DFM have firmed up confidence, never slacked off and fought hard in the battle against the epidemic and for the defense of the economy. From February 19 to 26, the International Business Division of DFM organized Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited (DFCV), Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Sokon Motor Co., Ltd. (DFSK), Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. (DFLZ) and Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. (DFAC) for video conferences on overseas operations. The conferences further studied and implemented the spirit of DFM Work Conference 2020, analyzed the impact of the epidemic on overseas operations, came up with countermeasures, and mapped out strategies to catch up following work and production resumption.

Those who fight toughly and bravely always stand out in intense competitions. Recently good news has kept pouring in from DFM's overseas markets. On February 20, Dongfeng Glory brand was released successfully in Morocco alongside the launch of Glory 580, the appearance of Glory ix5 and the display of commercial vehicles like M415, C31 and C35. They drew wide attention from distributors, customers and the media.

In Chile, a key overseas strategic market for DFM, DFM has recently focused on establishing new outlets in business districts and organizing mall fairs to improve sales. In Peru, a market that is positive overall, DFM has maintained strong momentum. The opening of new flagship stores afterwards will further drive up sales. In Ecuador, DFM has kept establishing secondary outlets to increase sales channels. DFM's brand campaigns in full swing in key South American markets have shown its persistent brand vitality and strong market competitiveness.

The Tunisian market has bucked the trend with endless new orders, making it urgent to schedule production and dispatch goods. DFM has gained a firm foothold quickly and a good customer reputation in Ethiopia. In the future, DFM will launch better products and services and speed up brand promotion in Africa to constantly expand its market share and enhance customer satisfaction.

DFM has made new progress in European Logistics Demonstration Line Project and is advancing cooperation with COSCO Container Lines Europe GmbH.

In the CIS region, DFM is further negotiating with Mongolia Daxiang Logistics about the financing scheme and striving to fulfill its annual targets.

DFM Russia has gone all out to overcome the impact of the epidemic, stabilized its team, communicated with distributors, developed the market, maintained close contact with domestic vehicle manufacturers, been ready to handle domestic and foreign business, and striven to maintain sales to achieve expected goals.

Recently the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has spread across the world. "Wish you good health, and hopefully you will not be affected a bit by the epidemic." "Please be sure to protect yourselves and your families!" "Let's work together to overcome the hardships!"…Amid the spreading epidemic, the International Business Division and overseas business units of DFM have showed concerns over DFM's overseas partners at the earliest possible time in forms such as telephone, e-mail and SMS, shared the information of epidemic prevention and control, and offered to help.

Though DFM's overseas distributors and partners are from different countries and speak different languages, but we are in the same world, have a beating heart each and always help each other in adversity. Support and concerns beyond borders tell stories of love and destiny, show the awareness of a community of shared future for mankind, and pool strength for epidemic prevention and control.

Pool strength to conquer all mountains, join hands to overcome all hardships. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, DFM has combined epidemic prevention and control with work and production resumption, and striven to win the battle against the epidemic and for the defense of the economy.

Next DFM will introduce more new modern high-tech products with high quality and reasonable prices to overseas markets, conduct a series of brand campaigns, improve its service capacity, bring its technical advantage into play, advance regional marketing, implement the core bane values of "Quality, Wisdom, Harmony", and create a more valuable and pleasant car life for customers.

A virus invisible to naked eyes set off the wave, but we are sticking together hand in hand and heart to heart. Everyone believes that the virus will be over and we will all be safe. We should stay strong, cheer up each other and face difficulties with smiles no matter how great they are. Though we cannot see smiles behind masks each other at the very moment, we can see firmness in eyes each other.

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