First 10 JMC Weilong Fuel Cell Trucks Delivered to Customer

March 20,2020

JMC recently delivered the first 10 fuel cell trucks to Shanghai Zhidi Auto for operation, and the rest 10 to be delivered soon. 

The Weilong fuel cell truck has the advantage of operating quietly, with zero emissions and low operating costs, which greatly improve the driving experience compared to traditional fuel trucks.

In order to increase the driving range and improve the overall performance of fuel cell vehicles, a new dual-motor hybrid driving system with both fuel cell battery of above 95KW and CATL battery are installed. It can switch between fuel-cell powered mode and dual-motor mode depending on operation condition and allow the vehicle to travel at a peak speed of 85KM/H.

It only takes around 20 minutes to charge the vehicle, and a single charge can power the vehicle for 400 kilometers.

With the arrival of these trucks to customer, JMC is stepping up their efforts to assist customer in its transmission to a greener future.

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