130 CAMC Battery Swapping Heavy-duty Trucks Delivered to Xi’an for Operation

March 06,2020

On March 4, CAMC held a grand ceremony to deliver 130 units battery swapping heavy-duty trucks to their customer in Xi’an city, Shanxi province. According to CAMC, a total of 50 units of battery swapping trucks have been produced since their production resume on Feb 10, and more efforts are being made to ensure the rest orders to be delivered on time.

Nowadays, the cost of buying an electric truck is still high. But CAMC managed to lower its cost by separating the vehicle and battery. Since the users needn’t to buy the battery if they don’t want to. When the battery loses its power, the only thing they need to do is to have the battery replaced at the battery swapping station. It takes just a few minutes to do the replacement. With the advantages of easy operation and high efficiency, it is enjoying high popularity among customers with high frequency. Furthermore, these batteries are collected and will be convenient for the central management and multi-step utilization of the batteries.

CAMC’s battery swapping heavy-duty trucks have received widespread praise from the industry and are still growing in popularity. Since launching last year, more than 160 units of battery swapping heavy-duty trucks have been sold.

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