Foton Distributor in Colombia Sends 1,500 Facemasks to Support China

February 19,2020

During Spring Festival of 2020, the new Coronavirus swept the entire China. After knowing the situation in China, our partner Corbeta, who is Foton distributor in Colombia, expressed greetings and support to representatives and Foton firstly. Later, they learned through the news that it was very difficult to buy masks in China, they decided to send 1,500 masks to Foton by DHL immediately. A small gift that conveys great affection. Under the mask shortage in current situation, this behavior of dealers not only expresses the determination that they will stand with Foton unswervingly all the time, but also represents international humanitarian even they are in another side of Pacific Ocean.
Foton Distributor in Colombia Sends 1,500 Facemasks to Support China

Foton and Corbeta has cooperated since 2006. Corbeta has 13 years’ experience in operating of Foton business in the Colombia, and the cooperation between both sides has a good history. The donation of masks to Foton is the trust to Foton enterprises and the support to China. This kind of behavior proves that the professionalism of Foton overseas team has gained the trust and friendship of our distributors. We sincerely thanks Corbeta’s generous donation. In the future, we will keep our professionalism in work, solve market problems for dealers and customers, and gain more trust and support.

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