SHACMAN Brings 12 Models on "Truck Show" in Jamaica

December 30,2019

Recently, the "Truck Show" organized by SHACMAN Jamaican dealers was held in the port warehouse area of dealers. As the leading brand of Jamaica China heavy truck, SHACMAN showed a total of 12 vehicles and held a series of activities for truckers.
SHACMAN Brings 12 Models on

The truck show model mainly includes f3000 mining dump truck, lightweight tractor, and L3000 truck products were exhibited. Remarkably, a F3000 wrecker, which is the first heavy-duty wrecker for TW's own use and is placed in the most prominent place. Jamaica ’s roads are narrow and speeds are generally fast, so accidents are unavoidable. F3000 wrecker can quickly remove the road obstacles, restore the traffic order, and relieve urban traffic congestion effectively .

Meanwhile, as an appeal in Jamaican, SHACMAN X3000 natural gas tractor has attracted much attention. As the earliest company to layout natural gas products in the domestic heavy truck industry, SHACMAN has applied many technical innovations to X3000 natural gas tractor through years of technological innovation and the research of market demand, effectively solved the constraints such as inadequate supporting facilities for natural gas heavy truck. The advantages of long driving distance, balanced power, excellent energy saving, and the features of comfort and intelligent for X3000 further sharpened the competitiveness of this natural gas heavy truck.

During the activity, SHACMAN Jamaica dealers prepared truck style demonstrations and Jamaican reggae for drivers and customers, the style of user-friendly, caring present a spectacular sight in this passionate activity , which annotated the truck culture with SHACMAN style for customers.

SHACMAN Brings 12 Models on "Truck Show" in Jamaica

In addition, SHACMAN has been adhering to the principle of "two concerns", and providing customers with safer, more comfortable and more reliable products. Therefore, SHACMAN Jamaica has established a complete sales service network, with more than 30 service technicians, over $600000 of stored spare parts, and up to three spare parts warehouses, laying a solid foundation for ensuring high attendance rate of vehicles. It also allows users to maintain their vehicles more worry-free and save money, and strives to give users the most sincere care during the process of vehicle operation.

As a pioneer of the Jamaican heavy truck, SHACMAN not only brought high-quality heavy truck to Jamaican market, changed Jamaica's history of using second-hand heavy trucks of US, but brought unprecedented vitality to the Jamaican heavy truck market, and plays an irreplaceable role in mining, transportation and urban construction in Jamaica. SHACMAN will be together with Jamaica to make efforts to fully promote the SHACMAN truck culture into the hearts of the people and enhance emotional communication between enterprises and customers.

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