Scania Delivers Its 7000th Trucks in Hongkong

November 22,2019

More recently, Scania delivered another two units of P220 4x2 tractors to Hongkong School of Motoring, which marks the 7000th Scania trucks since Hongkong Scania (Hong Kong) Limited was found in 2008. This delivery marks Scania’s increasing popularity and it still boasts the largest market share among Europe’s commercail vehicle brands in Hongkong.

The delivered P series trucks is fitted with a 220hp engine, a Day Cab and 1+2 seat layout for the communication between instructor and leaner.

Although AMT has been installed on the most heavy-duty trucks, these two P series trucks are still equipped with manual transmissions, which are to help learners obtain basic driving skills.

Scania's 4-series truck with Euro II standard was first introduced in 1996, followed by the introduction of Euro IV standard in 2006. Europe V tactor emission standard was in place in 2009, followed by the introduction of R730 V8 tractor in 2011, 38T 5-axle commercial vehicles in 2012 and Euro VI 6-axle truck chasis in 2014. In the course of development, Scania has been at the forfront of promoting Europe’s commercial vehicles in Hongkong.

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