Liuzhou Motor Delivered 80 Chenglong T5 to Customer

August 17,2018

The first 80 Chenglong T5 car carriors were delivered to Huayang storage and transportation Co., Ltd on August 8, 2018. The delivery took place right after the regulation on car carriors was put in place for a month and means a lot.

“Huayang storage and transportation Co., Ltd, a third party logistics provider, offers integrated technology solutions for customers, which encompass anything that involves car transport, car storage and logistics finance. At present, there are more than 1,100 car carriors operating in Huayang, including more than 300 for Beijing branch. This time, they purchased 80 sets of Chenglong T5 for kick off after a lot of investivation and comparison. What they mainly focus on is the long head which allows Chenglong T5 to load one more sets of car than others.” According to Manager Mr.Shan from Huayang storage and transporation Co., Ltd.

Chenglong T5 car carrior is able to deliver real benefits to customers. Firstly in safety, the long head designe of sedan transport Chenglong T5 can provide a natural protection for the driver. dragon-bone frame in the cab acts as armors to provide full protection for drivers from injuries; with accessories such as automotive adjuster arm, composite brake drum and copper quick connector, the brake system got fully upgrades so the safety of traffic is improved as much as possible.

For another, oil consumption accounts for a great proportion of the total costs. The big concern with customers is “how to lower operating costs and reduce oil consumption”. Chenglong T5 was powered by premium engine developed on its own to comsumes less fuel. The long-head streaming cab is able to reduce wind drag by 10%-15% than that the same kind in order to achieve the fuel-economizing effect.

Then, Chenglong T5 car carrior is offered with a long wheel base at 5250mm. Whether they it’s a SUV or sedan, they can be transported with ease. In additon, Chenglong T5 gathers speed quickly when starting up for its use of large-displacement engines, which significantly improves travelling efficiency.

At last, Chenglong T5’s use of human-centered design and advanced technology make it meet most of customers’ demand. Take the cab for example, it is designed in Flat-floor with the cab bed width up to 810mm, and noise level inside was lowered down to 66db. Besides it also offers you the same driving enjoyment as sedan with brand new suspention frame, air bag vibration absorber and air conditoning system. (www,

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