Foton Philippines Introduces Blue Energized EST Tractor Head

April 20,2018

United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI), the official distributor of Foton vehicles in the country, introduced the new Energy Super Truck Tractor Head at this year’s Manila International Auto Show held last April 5. Also called the EST Tractor Head for short, the new heavy duty druck is the latest addition to the brand's Blue Energy line up which is comprised of Euro IV compliant trucks that use Cummins diesel technolgy.
Foton Philippines Introduces Blue Energized EST Tractor Head

Going into the specifics, it is available in either 4x2 or 6x4 models, with each having a a 40- and 60-tonnage cargo carrying capacity respectively. Both variants are powered by a turbocharged inline-6, direct injection Cummins Blue Energy diesel engine capable of producing 2,100 Nm at 1,000 rpm. It is then mated to a 12-speed transsmission with a high-low gear switch. Foton says that the tractor head is able to provide 'optimum performance in carrying big loads' and can be used in mutiple applications.

“We are grateful for the growing number of logistics and transportation sectors for patronizing our brand. Because of their trust, Foton continues to provide the Philippine market with powerful vehicles for their businesses within reach,” said Rommel Sytin, Foton Philippines president.

Apart from a new engine, the EST Tractor Head also features airconditioning, power windows, a desert air filter, airbag seat, full floating tiltable cabin, electric rear-view mirror and a glass lifter.

“Our goal is to bring more powerful, reliable, durable, efficient and clean-operating vehicles through our Blue Energized line-up that suits not only our consumers’ business needs but also to our environment,” added Sytin. (

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