TuSimple and Shacman Jointly Create X6000 Driverless Container Truck Fleet

April 08,2018

On April 3, TuSimple officially announced its entry into driverless container truck market in Beijing by releasing a video about its testing work of Delong X6000 driverless container truck fleet within a harbor.
TuSimple and Shacman Jointly Create X6000 Driverless Container Truck Fleet

On the back of its state-of-art driverless driving technologies, high-speed driverless container trucks have been put into trial operation at a harbor in north China for several months. TuSimple has fully demonstrated its formidable strengths in providing driverless container transport solutions for harbors. “With our technologies, harbors will greatly improve their intelligence level and realize their business transformation,” said Dr. Hao Jianan, COO of Tu Simple.

Due to the fact that harbors are usually in operation for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Truck drivers usually have to work on shift. With the help of TuSimple driverless technologies, harbors need to no longer worry their shortage of drivers. More importantly, their operation costs will be significantly slashed while their operation efficiency and safety standards will improve considerably.

According to Shacman, all the vehicles in operation are X6000 4x2 container trucks, which have already demonstrated their high maneuverability, accomplishing a host of complex tasks, such as automatic decelerating & braking and barrier identification. Through long-distance controls, real-time positioning, lane assessment, barrier identification, driving plans and controls, Delong X6000 container truck achieves high intelligence level, fully meeting stringent requirements for container transport in ports.

Currently, TuSimple has put five units Delong X6000 in trial operation. By the end of this year, the figure is expected to jump to 25 units. For the next two years, TuSimple and Shacman will jointly carry out massive trial operations of driverless container truck fleet, making full preparation of their commercial operations. (www.chinatrucks.com)

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