SHACMAN Cummins Power Gains Increasing Popularity in South America

December 01,2017

While making considerable gains in domestic market, SHACMAN Heavy-duty Truck and Xi’an Cummins Power have long joined hands in exploring overseas markets, meeting increasing demands abroad.
SHACMAN Cummins Power Gains Increasing Popularity in South America

In Peru, Shanqi Cummins has already established a solid presence. Both its SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000 and X3000 enjoy unprecedented popularity. Auto Mundo, a local TV station specialized in reporting news in the auto industry, made a special coverage on SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000, receiving wide public attention. A closer look at M3000 will immediately reveal its secrets to success.

1) SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000 possesses a fashionable and awe-inspiring appearance. Highly identifiable among its counterparts, the vehicle has an interior similar to that of a sedan, creating a much more comfortable working environment for truck drivers. With an upgraded chassis and better organized circuits, it adopts zinc-glazed bolts and wax spraying technique.

2) SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000 achieves higher fuel economy thanks to its minimum body weight among its counterparts. With the adoption of a number of light-weight materials and modular design, including better quality springs and holders, light-weight front axle and driving bridge, high-quality wheel rims and gas storage tanks, CNHTC has significantly improved the overall quality of SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000, making the vehicle the lightest compared with its counterparts.

3) SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000 creates a more driver-friendly environment. With the optimization of many items in its driver’s cockpit, such as its four-point airbag suspension, horizontal damper, air-floated seats, widened front suspension, elongated leaf spring, a driver’s bed measuring 840 mm, and noise reduction devices, SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000 can effectively buffer the instability caused by the uneven road conditions.

4) SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000 is equipped with powerful Cummins ISM11 engine. Without any major repair for one million mileage and a life expectancy of two million km for its B10, the vehicle has long gained a solid reputation in the global market. Cummins Celect electrically controlled fuel combustion system has increased its injection pressure to 1,800 bar. Plus its single cylinder with four valves, the combustion in the cylinder is more exhaustive, ensuring the best fuel economy for the vehicle. Boasting the most advanced and most tested braking system for engines, Jake Braking System, Cummins ISM engine generates a maximum of 326 horsepower braking power, helping the vehicle achieve much higher safety standards.

5) SHACMAN Cummins Power M3000 boasts safer operation records. Equipped with a 450L oil tank, the vehicle also has 600L/1000L oil tanks available for its customers, achieving longer continuous driving distance. Its optimized driver’s mirrors give drivers better and wider views. (

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