CRRC Meishan Delivers Last Batch of Railway Trucks to South America Project

September 25,2017 Recently, another batch of 160 units of iron ore hopper trucks arrived at the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is the eighth and the last batch of trucks to be used in the South America railway truck project.  As of now, the rail trucks exported from CRRC Meishan has totaled to 8000 units. 

Facing a rapid changing reality in China railway truck, CRRC Meishan has actively taken advantage of the great opportunity brought by "One Belt One Road" initiative and turned its eyes to overseas market and new industry. Sided with China and Argentina governments, it participates in the public development project, the largest overseas contracting project in South America, to rebuilt local railway. The delivery this time is exactly the part of the project and its success wins opportunity for the second phase of the project. It means much to the future economic and railway development.

Every batch of goods has been checked carefully by delivery group, Belgrano Cargas and CMEC and all the 950 units of flatcar, ore hopper trucks are running smoothly. By now, CRRC Meishan has exported 8,000 railway trucks, and among which 2,400 units to Sounth America, making its name across the globe.

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