Beiben Won 21 V3 Tractors Orders in Lianyungang

May 03,2016 Beiben V3 large horsepower tractor product experience activities were hold in Lianyungang. The guests included leaders from Beiben, Weichai and any other logistic companies.

During the activity, Ren Jianguo general manager from Beiben marketing company as the representative of Beiben expressed warm welcome to the guests. He gave a vivid explanation of Beiben products, the guests all listened carefully, and felt close to Beiben heavy truck military culture. Then Weichai Power director Song Changwei made detailed explanation on the economy.


Beiben  V3 Tractors
Beiben  V3 Tractors

In the prototype test ride drive activity, many drivers experienced Beiben V3 large horsepower tractor, said Beiben engine sounded pleasant, refueling was not difficult, FAST gear box, beiben axle is simply gold to match.

At the end of Activities, 16 contracts of 21 trucks were deal. There are not only port tractors, tractor for long distance in Lianyungang heavy truck market, but also heavy haul transportation demand around the steel mills. Coupled with this year's yellow car out, the market capacity and demand are huge

The activities of the success, means that Beiben heavy truck enter the Lianyungang market again, shouldering Beiben people's expectations and expectations. We have reason to believe, Beiben heavy truck will gain a foothold in the market in Lianyungang with performance of military technology and quality.

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