300 SINOTRUK Trucks Sold to Hong Kong

June 03,2013

www.chinatrucks.com : On June 1st, 2013, another batch of 100 units of HOWO A7 trucks were shipped to Hong Kong, marking the total of 300 units of trucks are now all been delivered. SINOTRUK is the first mainland truck maker that sells trucks in Hong Kong. And the A7 trucks are the first ones of EURO V trucks to be licensed by Hong Kong administration.

The chairman of SINOTRUK introduced that the EURO V trucks that sold to Hong Kong are independently developed products, which is the brainwork of the latest technology in China. By selling trucks to Hong Kong, SINOTRUK is embarking on a road to a more internationalized company.

As the reporter learned, Hong Kong has been known for its strict rules against emission, thus, making it hospitable to Japanese and European trucks only. SINOTRUK is making a historical entering into the market. The annual sales number of trailers in the region is between 600 and 700 units.

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