China North Vehicle will export 260 heavy mining trucks to Australia

December 30,2010

(, Dec 30, 2010) The program of China North Vehicle exporting 260 heavy mining trucks with 40 tonnages to Australia has been officially initiated. The 260 mining vehicles will be researched by Qi Trail Equipment Company subjected to China North Vehicle, and will be exported to the third large mining export manufacturer in Australia, FMG Company.   

It represents that the top end mining vehicle researched by China North Vehicle will be exported to Australia again. At the moment, the accumulated volumes of 5,000 rail vans provided by China North Vehicle have been exported to Australia. 

China North Rail Vans have been batch exported to developed countries since 1999. The world class rail vans, such as mining vehicle with 35.7 tonnages axle load, mining vehicles with 40 tonnages axle load, have been exported to Australia. China North Vehicle has established stable cooperation with world famous companies in Australia.

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