FOTON Launched Two Hybrid Heavy-duty Trucks

July 10,2024

On July 5th, Foton Auman held a grand hybrid product launch event themed 'Hybrid Technology Makes Logistics Easier' at the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center. Foton Auman, known for its profound technological expertise and strong commitment to green development, is pioneering a new era in hybrid heavy-duty transportation.

At the conference, Foton Auman officially unveiled two new hybrid products: the Auman EST Starry Edition-HEV and the GTL Star Edition-HEV. This marks a significant breakthrough for Foton in the field of hybrid technology. During the event, Lu Zhenghua, Executive Vice President and Director of the Engineering Research Institute at Foton Motors, outlined the future technological direction for heavy-duty trucks that will continue to include multiple options such as diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, electricity, and hybrid technologies. Hybrid power systems offer advantages in efficiency, environmental friendliness, and energy conservation. With regulatory drivers and considerations of total cost of ownership (TCO), these technologies are expected to gain widespread application by 2030, potentially capturing 30% of the market share in the heavy-duty truck industry.

Liu Gang, Vice President of Research and Development at Foton Auman, delivered a thorough analysis of hybrid technology and products. The FHS Super Hybrid Technology Platform integrates three core hardware components: an exclusive hybrid engine, dedicated electric coupling transmission, and high-efficiency hybrid power battery, all within a specialized hardware integration architecture. This platform is supported by the HCU Intelligent Control System, a leading-edge software architecture that ensures comprehensive functionality across various transport scenarios including express delivery, refrigerated transport, distribution, and coal transportation. The introduction of Foton Auman's new hybrid products sets a new benchmark for energy efficiency and emission reduction within the heavy-duty truck industry.

In recent years, Foton Motors has steadfastly pursued innovation, consistently achieving technological breakthroughs to bolster its corporate capabilities. Since 2008, Foton Motors has been actively involved in the research and development of hybrid technology, establishing itself as a leader in the new energy vehicle sector with models such as the AUMARK Intelligent Blue HS1 light truck, vans, and pickups. At the 2023 Foton Motors Ecological Innovation Conference, the company launched the FHS hybrid technology brand, presenting a comprehensive technological framework and outlining its initial product lineup. The introduction of Foton Auman's hybrid products represents a strong and compelling strategic move by the company.
The newly launched Auman EST Starry Edition-HEV and GTL Star Edition-HEV hybrid trucks signify a significant advancement in performance and energy efficiency. Featuring 730 horsepower and 3900 N·m of torque, they provide robust and stable power output, improving acceleration by 30% compared to traditional vehicles, which facilitates easier overtaking and climbing.

In terms of energy efficiency, these models incorporate four modes: multi-stage energy recovery, efficient direct drive, motor direct drive, and pure electric assistance upgrades. They have been rigorously tested across 256 complex scenarios and validated over 12 million kilometers, achieving an impressive 10% reduction in fuel consumption compared to conventional vehicles.

Moreover, leveraging electric propulsion technology, Foton Auman hybrid heavy-duty trucks have made remarkable advances in noise and vibration control, lowering perceived noise levels by 20% and reducing vibration by 30%. They also show outstanding performance in daily electricity usage, offering superior performance in power, efficiency, quiet operation, and electric capabilities. This ensures they meet customers' comprehensive needs for enhanced performance, efficient energy use, comfortable driving, and worry-free electricity consumption.

In his strategic report titled "Innovative Theory, All-Staff Marketing, Embracing Challenges," Chairman Chang Rui of Foton Motor highlighted the rapid adoption of new energy sources. He emphasized the decline of the domestic market for traditional fuel vehicles alongside the robust growth in overseas exports. Consequently, new energy and international markets have emerged as pivotal growth drivers in the commercial vehicle industry. Chairman Chang stressed the importance of close collaboration with partners during this critical phase of transformation in commercial vehicles, urging swift advancements in marketing reforms.

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