Dongfeng’S E-Powertrain Prototype, the iD4-800V, Roll off the Line

July 04,2024

Dongfeng's Zhixin Technology, unveiled its prototype of the iD4-800V integrated electric drive assembly (ET, tooling and molding parts), marking a significant breakthrough in key R&D core technologies.

The iD4-800V integrated electric drive assembly stands as a cornerstone among Dongfeng Motor's strategic powertrain products. It features a fresh platform design, cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, significant in-house production capacity, and robust integration capabilities.

In terms of technological innovation, the adoption of an oil cooling solution has enabled a higher power density, achieving a 36.4% increase compared to water cooling. The motor system utilizes a new 6-pole 54-slot flat wire and same-layer displacement winding technology, which significantly enhances power density and operational efficiency. This approach also circumvents flat wire motor patent barriers, enhancing production line efficiency. The 800V electronic control unit, both hardware and software, is entirely developed in-house, facilitating a platform-based design for seamless integration.

Compared to equivalent electric drive assemblies in the industry, the iD4 electric drive assembly leads in performance, offering an expandable power and torque platform with a maximum power density of 3 kW/kg. It features a high-speed motor exceeding 20,000 RPM, achieves 92% efficiency under CLTC conditions, and surpasses competitors in functional safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

As a brand-new product, the company are actively establishing a strong and efficient patent protection framework, proactively developing a portfolio of patents for high-voltage electric drives. Currently, it had applied for 17 related invention patents that are under review.

Simultaneously, the rollout of this prototype signifies a milestone for Zhixin Technology marks a significant advancement in its electric drive business as Phase II of Plant 3, Zone 2 commences operations. 

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