JAC Medium and Heavy-duty Trucks Launched in Saudi Arabia

June 20,2024

Recently, JAC Medium and Heavy-duty Truck Launching Ceremony and JAC 60th Anniversary Celebration was held in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Many mainstream media, industry customer representatives and partners in the field of heavy-duty trucks in the Saudi market gathered together to witness this moment.

The event showcased a full range of JAC's medium and heavy-duty truck products, including various models across multiple categories such as cargo transport, towing, and dump trucks. These vehicles are equipped with diverse powertrain combinations such as Cummins+ZF and Weichai+FAST, offering a wide range of choices for customers in different industries.

The event also incorporated the theme of JAC's 60th anniversary and attendees expressed heartfelt congratulations on this milestone and wished JAC continued success in the future.

With the addition of these newly launched medium and heavy-duty truck products, JAC now boasts a comprehensive product lineup in Saudi Arabia, covering passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles and medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. This enhancement of product matrix and strategic layout establishes a solid foundation for its continuous business growth in the future.

In the future, JAC will collaborate closely with global partners, focusing on enhanceing satisfaction among overseas users, thereby contributing to its continuous expansion.

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