Entering the Era 4.0! Weichai Launches New Generation of Gas Engines

June 17,2024

Recently, Weichai's new generation 13L/15L/17L NG-4.0 gas-powered engines were officially launched. As a leading brand in the internal combustion engine industry, Weichai always follows the development trend of the industry, breaks through the core technology, and focuses on providing customers with products with excellent competitiveness in terms of quality, technology and cost-effectiveness. The debut of the new generation gas-powered products signifies Weichai's entry into the Gas Power 4.0 era, heralding a new chapter in green logistics and transportation.

With the surge in the natural gas vehicle market, Weichai's gas-powered engines have seen strong sales across multiple regions nationwide, thanks to their excellent product quality. As of April 30th, Weichai's gas-powered engines have captured over 70% of the domestic market share, maintaining an absolute leading position in the industry.

WP13NG-4.0 Gas-powered Engine

Designed specifically for high-horsepower gas-powered tractor units in composite transport scenarios, this engine boasts an upgraded power output of 540 horsepower and a peak torque of 2600 N·m. With strong power and outstanding advantages in lightweight, reliability, and energy efficiency, it can effortlessly tackle the diverse challenges in composite transport scenarios.

WP15NG-4.0 gas-powered Engine

As a dedicated engine for high-horsepower gas-powered tractor units in long-haul transportation, it boasts a rated power of up to 630 horsepower and peak torque of 2800 N·m. Enhanced by specialized technologies such as strong swirl intake organization, high-turbulence rapid combustion, and advanced anti-misfire ignition, it leads the industry with superior advantages in power, quality, and energy efficiency.

WP17NG-4.0 Gas-powered Engine

Designed for rugged mountainous and high-altitude environments, the WP17NG-4.0 gas engine stands as the world's largest natural gas engine, delivering a rated power of up to 700 horsepower and peak torque of 3200 N·m. Known as the “King of the Power”, it is easy to travel across the country. Additionally, its high-strength structural design and rigorous durability testing ensure high reliability even in challenging road conditions, helping users to travel safely.

As a leader in China's gas power sector, Weichai will continue to serve a wide range of users in the future with higher-quality power solutions and more efficient, reliable and green products.

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