60-ton Jiefang Dump Truck Specifically Designed for the African Market

June 13,2024

At the recent 2024 Beijing International Commercial Vehicle and Components Exhibition, FAW Jiefang and China Highway Vehicle& Machinery Co., LTD (hereafter referred to as CVMC) jointly showcased a self-dumping truck and held a co-branded launch ceremony, drawing widespread attention in the industry.

It is reported that FAW Group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CVMC on lots of projects since 2019. FAW Jiefang, as a subsidiary of FAW Group, deeply engaged in the construction of these projects and deployed related products in major engineering projects in the Americas, Central Asia, and Africa. The co-branded self-dumping truck product introduced at this exhibition is specifically tailored for regions like Ethiopia in Africa, providing a solid guarantee for the cooperation between the two sides in overseas engineering projects.

From the exterior, the co-branded self-dumping truck by Jiefang and CVMC is a 6x4 drive model featuring the Jiefang J6L low-roof cab. The steering wheel layout is designed for left-hand drive. The phrase "Export Vehicle" is clearly marked on the windshield, indicating its market orientation and distinguishing it from other domestic exhibition vehicles. The logo on the front face of the cabin features the (CVMC) logo, which is also visible on the sun visor and the side of the cabin, enhancing the brand's recognition.

Unlike domestic vehicles, sturdy protective covers are installed on both the left and right front headlights, serving to safeguard them. These serve two purposes: firstly, they protect the headlights from damage by stones in transportation, and secondly, they prevent direct contact between the headlight glass and dust, as well as various small insects. This ensures that the headlights remain bright even after prolonged use, further enhancing safety during night driving. Therefore, these protective covers can also be called "insect-proof covers."

According to the specifications provided, it is a 350 hp J6L 6×4 tipper complying with National III emission standards. The overall dimensions of the vehicle are 8540 mm in length, 2500 mm in width and 3400 mm in height. The cargo box is 5,600 mm long, 2,350 mm wide and 1,500 mm high, with a volume of 19.74 cubic meters. The cargo box features the English label "SUNHUNK" and the slogan "China Dump Truck Choose SUNHUNK", indicating that the matching dump box is produced by SUNHUNK.

The wheelbase of this vehicle is 3800+1350mm, with a front track of 2055mm and a rear track of 1878mm. It has a maximum total mass of 60 tons, an unladen weight of 12.3 tons, and a top speed of 85 km/h. When in first gear, this vehicle is capable of climbing slopes with a maximum gradient of 30 degrees or more. The vehicle is equipped with 12.00R20 18-ply tires.

In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with the CA6DL2-35E3F diesel engine from the Jiefang Power, with an integrated EGR system. It boasts a maximum output power of 350 horsepower and an engine displacement of 8.57 liters, meeting the emission standards of Euro III. The transmission equipped is the CA10TA160F manual gearbox from FAW, offering 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. The clutch is a pull-type, diaphragm spring clutch with a diameter of Φ430.

The rated load capacity of the front axle of the vehicle is 9 tons, while that of the rear axle is 16 tons each, totaling to 32 tons. The main reducer speed ratio is 5.921. Regarding suspension, both the front and rear suspensions adopt a multi-leaf spring design, with 12 steel leaf springs each. The braking system of the vehicle comprises drum brakes for service brakes, with drum brakes at the front and rear. The parking brake is a compressed air-controlled spring energy storage parking brake system, while the auxiliary brake is provided by the engine exhaust brake. The vehicle operates on a 150Ah battery, and its steel fuel tank has a capacity of 400 liters.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with automatic heating and cooling air conditioning, featuring dual-link fuel filters and an integrated iron shell oil bath air filter. It boasts a rectangular bucket with a capacity of 20 liters, accompanied by domestically produced hydraulic oil cylinders mounted on the front roof. Reinforced ribs are added to the midsection of the cargo box's side panels, enhancing structural integrity. Furthermore, the lifting cylinder's upper connection point is reinforced, and it comes with air suspension seats for greater comfort. The on-site display vehicle includes a single berth, reportedly measuring 800mm in width.

According to the on-site staff, the dump truck on display is tailor-made for the African market and complies with the National III emission standard. Given the varying emission standards across different countries, FAW Jiefang is capable of introducing a diverse range of reliable vehicle products according to local regulations and the actual transportation needs of users.  

Since the beginning of this year, FAW Jiefang has been consistently intensifying its presence in overseas markets, securing several large orders exceeding a thousand units. At this exhibition, FAW Jiefang has collaborated with CVMC to unveil a co-branded dump trucks. Through this strong alliance, it is anticipated that FAW Jiefang's heavy-duty trucks will gain a higher market share in overseas markets.

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