FULONGMA Exported a Batch of Sanitation Vehicles to Indonesia

June 13,2024

Fulongma Group has recently exported another batch of sanitation vehicles to Indonesia. These vehicles will support the project initiated by the Government of Surabaya and its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to strengthen local sanitation management.

The exported compressed garbage trucks are designed to be efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly, specifically tailored for the collection and disposal of urban waste. With 12 years of dedicated presence in the Indonesian market, FULONGMA has accumulated extensive experience, establishing itself as a significant partner in the local environmental equipment sector. To date, the company has deployed over 300 vehicles in Indonesia, including garbage trucks, road maintenance vehicles, compact sweepers, and washing sweepers, showcasing the company's robust technological capabilities and market influence.

FULONGMA is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to customers worldwide. Through continuous innovation and technological advancement, FULONGMA's sanitation equipment has received widespread acclaim in the global market. The collaboration with the Surabaya Environmental Protection Agency will further underscore FULONGMA's competitiveness and excellent reputation on a global scale.

FULONGMA Group has always prioritizd environmental protection and drives continuous progress in the field of environmental conservation through its strong research and development capabilities. Through technological innovation and upgrading, the company continuously improves the quality and efficiency of its products and services, and makes positive contributions to global environmental protection. Looking into the future, Fulongma will continue to deepen its cooperation with governments and industry partners around the world to promote the development of environmental protection and create a better global ecological environment. 

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