ODIN Group Presents SANY Electric Truck at COMVEX Exhibition

June 12,2024

From May 28 to 31, the largest industry exhibition for commercial transportation, Comvex, took place at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Russia. This year, it became a part of the CTT Expo, showcasing construction machinery and technologies.

For the second consecutive year, ODIN Group showcased cargo equipment from the Chinese brand SANY at the event. This time, visitors were introduced to two new models: the SANY S653 6x4TE electric truck and the SANY S485 4x2 ADR tractor with disc brakes.

The electric truck became one of the standout premieres at this year's Comvex, attracting significant interest from both the professional community and exhibition guests. The development of an ecosystem for electric freight transport in Russia is a large-scale and systematic effort involving the government, distributors, and carriers. The environmental friendliness, technical specifications, and economically advantageous operation make the SANY electric traction tractor highly attractive for drivers and transportation companies.

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