More than 20 XCMG Mining Trucks Arrive at Major Mining Sites in Mongolia

June 12,2024

Recently, the first batch of 105-tonne fuel mining trucks of XCMG Group worth nearly RMB 20 million, were sent by land from China to Mongolia to boost the modernisation of the local mines.
As the world's second-largest landlocked country, Mongolia is abundant in mineral resources. However, its harsh natural environment also presents numerous challenges for mining operations in the region."

According to reports, the mining area is located in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, at an altitude of approximately 1500 meters. It's plagued by relentless sandstorms, enduring temperatures dropping below -30°C for nearly four consecutive months. Moreover, it boasts a maximum slope twice the limit seen domestically. In such an extreme work environment, XCMG mining trucks have been actively involved in the production and construction of mines in Mongolia. With outstanding product performance and a "nanny-style" on-site service, they have made significant contributions to the economic development of Mongolia's mining regions.

The XG105 fuel mining truck delivered this time represents one of XCMG's highly mature mainstream models, boasting significant advantages in payload capacity and chassis reliability. Following rigorous field validation across different latitudes and longitudes, this vehicle effortlessly conquers rugged mountain roads and confidently cope with various challenging work environments such as low temperatures, high altitudes, saline-alkaline lands, humidity, and high temperatures. Its cargo box, made of wear-resistant steel plates, offers increased volume, while the front and rear suspensions, optimized systematically, efficiently absorb road impacts, further enhancing the vehicle's reliability.

As XCMG vigorously promotes integrated construction solutions for mining, XCMG continuously optimizes service experiences and works with customers by offering a "nanny-style" on-site service. In response to the diverse driving habits of some drivers in the mining area, XCMG service teams and sales personnel have developed specialized theoretical and practical courses to help standardize vehicle operations and provide knowledge on repair and maintenance to ensure worry-free operation for customers.
The bulk delivery of mining trucks this time serves as a robust response from the market to XCMG's transformation and upgrade towards high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented, and internationalized vehicles. Looking ahead, XCMG will persist in accelerating digital transformation with the goal of promoting high-quality, risk-controllable, world-class, and stable growth. Through a combination of superior products and services, XCMG aims to empower a new ecological paradigm in mining transportation.

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